Electoral College: The Backbone Of Voting

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The Electoral College; the Backbone of Voting

Now a days, we live in a world where not many people know a lot about politics. For example, very few people actually know what the Electoral College system is and what processes work in conjunction with it. To help a few people out, the Electoral College is a system in which nominated electors initially represent a certain state to cast votes for the determination of the President and Vice-President during Presidential election years for the United States of America. The Electoral College electors, which is composed of five hundred and thirty-eight members from both the House of Representatives and the Senate, are usually nominated by political parties during state conventions. After the electors
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If an alternative system were to take the place of the Electoral College system, such as a direct voting system, altercations would potentially arise. Lawrence (2001) explained, “Even on the three previous occasions when a split decision between the popular and electoral votes occurred, the Electoral College was the mechanism for a decisive conclusion to an election.” The Electoral College has an advantage over direct voting because it sets up a distinguished overview for how voting for the President and Vice-President will transpire and how issues will be solved if any were to arise. On the other hand, if the United States used a direct voting system, if issues were to arise during election years the result would be disputation because there would not be a course of action, hence, there would be no guide to follow. In addition, I believe the Electoral College helps the United States avoid tyranny. For example, if the country followed a direct voting system as mentioned before, it could potentially lead to corruption from instances such as the voting of people who lack knowledge or a power-hungry candidate persuading citizens to vote for them. In any case, the Electoral College helps abate problems from happening and helps create equality throughout the nation.
All in all, the Electoral College was established by the Founding Fathers of this nation for a reason. If the United States did not have the Electoral College, other systems of voting could potentially lead to complications and disagreements. The Electoral College allows for this nation to have a plot for distinguishing the President and Vice-President of this country. In the end, it is the backbone of the voting process during election

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