Essay On History Of Software Engineering

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Register to read the introduction… It was not after the huge difference in the field of programming when IBM successfully merges both scientific and business application. Getting knowledge of it however from Subah A.(2001,13), “ those applications were main software support areas being model 20 programming supporting, Basic support and Operating System. It was after that merge when programmers had to focus their attention on building new products as the software field were stabilized.

The perseverance of stabilization of software brought major changes because software became a corporate asset and its value increased as years passed by, compared to recent years where software was given for free

Although Stabilizing Era according to Subah A.(2001,10), brought hope in the software industry, there were still few things that were advantageous to programs: software maintenance was not only correcting errors, it was more connected to software enhancement than programs of passed Eras for they had few codes because easy for programmers to translate higher language into machine language. The US government contracted with independent software firms to develop software for defence and space projects, Kutten L. J.(1988, 5), further said, due to the delicate nature of the projects and their complexity the programs had to meet strict reliability. That was when the software become commercially developed and customized to solve customer’s
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Computer science theories are still insufficient to act as a complete underpinning for software engineering (unlike e.g. physics and electrical engineering). To built a program that leads to a high-quality results that meets the needs of the people who will use the product and apply a software engineering approach.
Moreover, just because there is a wide range of software in the market, surely there has to be difference between software kinds and models, for example 1990 version of operating system cannot be suitable to run on new model of computer. How do we know that this is good software to buy? The software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and acceptable. Software must evolve to meet changing needs, for example how interesting it is when the user can update and manipulate the software to suit the needs that are not of the software

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