Guns On Campus

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Shootings and gun violence have become more rampant over the years, especially in college. In the United States shooting on college campuses is becoming more common. Every 15 minutes a college shooting occur. For the safety of the campus’s students and faculty, guns should be allowed on college campuses.
Most people feel safe when there is a gun near or around. People tend to feel a sense of security when they know they have something to protect them. In the article, Matthew Miller states, “Nationwide, 4.3% of college students had a working firearm at college. Of these, approximately half (47%) responded that one reason they had a gun was for protection” (Miller 59). Miller randomly selected college students to take a questionnaire about gun
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Some students said that they have been threatened by someone with a firearm at least once before. In the article, Cecilia Obeng writes, “Gun-related injuries and deaths among children occur at disproportionately high rate in the United States” (Obeng 394). Obeng’s article explain why guns should not be allowed on a college campus and the reason why there have been so many guns related injuries in the last past years. Obeng organized a questionnaire for students and teachers to see how everyone would feel if there were a gun on the campus. If college students are allowed to carry firearms they are putting other students at risk. College students are not responsible enough to carry guns on campuses without injuring another student or faculty. As stated by Another Push to Allow Guns on Ariz. Campuses “Firearm death in African American youths in 2009 were primarily homicides (90%), 6% were suicides and the rest (4%) were unintentional or undetermined firearms death” (Another Push 136). Students can use guns for the wrong reasons someone can be seriously hurt because of someone else’s actions. There are people who are not mentally stable to work a firearm. There should be a background check on people who wish to purchase a firearm. People who use guns irrespirable not only affect themselves but others as well.

Guns are a very serious matter when comes to a person’s life. It is highly important that college campuses make the right decision when it comes to gun control. Colleges should prepare their students to know what to do if they have an active shooter was on campus. Students should be aware of their environment and surrounds at all

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