Essay On Gun Culture

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“The guns have touched every corner in the united states”. The united states of American known as one of the most countries where gun are being use significantly. Import illegal gun has been a huge issue for the government to handle. The way I see it, there are three main point why the united states considered a gun culture. First, the history of the country which has been always related to guns in general. secondly, the absences of security which lead some people to have their own guns in order to protect them self. Thirdly, easy access to guns because of the lack of control. Since the independent from Great Britain, the united states been always linked with guns because of the love people had and still have for guns. However, the …show more content…
“federal records indicate that in 2011 there 9.5 million firearms manufactured for domestic use or import. There are no readily available records of the number of used firearms sold by dealers, but a recent estimate by small arms survey provides a ball park estimate—25% of the total. So for that year the total may have been 12.7 million, which works out to 226 per licensed dealer” (p.79). Which clarify my point that guns are easy to get in the most of the united states if you are licensed. However, the big problem is illegal guns which they are much harder to control in the market of gun. I believe the issue is not with guns, people are responsible about all the violence and crimes that committed because if we use the guns on hunting or protection it will not be as much violence as we live in now. The U.S. has the most astounding rate of weapon proprietorship on the planet, as per information accumulated by The Guardian, with around 88 firearms for each 100 individuals. That is right around one weapon for each individual in the nation, including youngsters (Joshua Eaton, 2016). A large number like that shows how deep the problem is, Americans are so obsessed with guns. Some criminals believe that committing a crime with gun is way easier than other kind of weapons. As I mentioned earlier that legal and illegal guns is difficult to be controlled by the government for one of the two reasons, either they are struggling to control the gun market or they have a significant financial returns from taxes and so on. “Over 270 mass shootings have taken place in the United States in 2015 alone, proving once again that the economic, political and social conditions that underlie such violence are not being addressed. Sadly, these shootings are not isolated incidents. For example, one child under 12 years old has been killed every other day by a firearm, which amounts to 555 children killed by

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