Essay On Gun Culture

“The guns have touched every corner in the united states”. The united states of American known as one of the most countries where gun are being use significantly. Import illegal gun has been a huge issue for the government to handle. The way I see it, there are three main point why the united states considered a gun culture. First, the history of the country which has been always related to guns in general. secondly, the absences of security which lead some people to have their own guns in order to protect them self. Thirdly, easy access to guns because of the lack of control. Since the independent from Great Britain, the united states been always linked with guns because of the love people had and still have for guns. However, the thing that people think it matters are the legislation to carry a gun in the united states. According to Corey and Jason who are part of major shift in America’s gun landscapes since the 1970s, “more than three-dozen states have significantly loosened their restrictions on American ability to carry guns legally” (p. 4), Some kind of guns are in the history books for America to illustrate freedom and independent. Which lead us to a point where I can figure that in the American community having a gun is necessary and part of the American culture for too many different reasons throughout ages. A …show more content…
The issue that worry about is violence or guns violence specifically. “In a 2013 pew survey, the leading reason offered by gun owners was protection against crimes. In particular, 48% offered protection as their first reason, while another 39% cited hunting or target shooting. As a recently as 1999, the same survey found that only 26% of owners mentioned protection as the first reason” (p. 5) from my point of view, these days’ individuals are having weapon for assurances as the primary reason while in 1999 it was

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