Growing Up Without A Father-Personal Narrative

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“ Hello?” I’d say in a babbled voice as I answered the phone at just two years old. Sometimes I’d get a response, and sometimes I wouldn’t. I had no clue what it was all about at that age. I didn’t know what was going on. A little curly toe head with the biggest blue eyes you’d ever seen in a little girl, was just left behind in the dust. How could someone just up and leave their family like that? I will never understand why he left, and all I can do is think it was something I did. I was scared of him at two, and to this day I 'm still scared of him. Not physically, but mentally.

I wasn 't always scared of him. Every Wednesday he’d come up to our light green front door and knock, my big brother, Spencer, and I would get
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If I could change anything about my past, and have this man in my life today, I honestly don’t think I would. I 'm scared of him. I 'm not scared that he 'd ever hit me again, I 'm not scared that he 'd abuse me physically, but I 'm scared that he would break my heart again. Growing up without a father is tough. In fifteen years, the man that’s my “father” hasn’t contacted me, paid child support, or even made the slightest effort to see me, do I even exist to him? He is so insignificant in my life that I wouldn’t know him if I tripped over him. I won’t have my father walk me down the isle, I wont have him give me away, I won’t have a father daughter dance, and this is all because of this man. If I could tell him one thing, I would tell him how much he lost. I would say, that my mom 's doing amazing and that his children are just fine without him. I think the only thing I would ask him is, “What did I ever do to deserve a father like you?” I’ll never know the answer to that …show more content…
This is probably the best advice someone as ever given me. This piece of advice has impacted me in such a big way that I don’t even understand the concept of what life would be like with a Dad. I wouldn’t change my life, or the people who are in my life. My mom is my best friend and has done one hell of a job raising my brother and I, as a single mom. My mom is the one who scared the monsters away under my bed, heard my first words, watched me take my first steps, held my hand crossing the street, and wiped my tears all those times I was hurt. She’ll be the one to walk me down the isle, and give me away; she’ll be the one I’ll have a mother daughter dance with instead, and I wouldn’t give that opportunity up for the world. If I ever had the chance to see this man, I wouldn’t.I wouldn 't give him the opportunity to hurt me

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