Euthanasia Should Be Legal Essay

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Euthanasia Should be Legal

Some people in this world have incurable diseases who live and suffer everyday, but there is a medication out there that can relieve them from the pain and have them rest in peace. Knowing someone who is incredibly ill is very hard, but having the ability to end their own life peacefully is not how most people imagined their life coming to an end. To know one can stop suffering from a rare disease that can not be cured, and be free is an incredible gift as well. Euthanasia should be legal. There is a medication the doctor can administer to the patient to end their life. In order for that to happen the patient has to meet the medical requirements. Those requirements are different depending on where the patient
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Such as being able to make the choice to be in peace rather than suffer, similar to seeing a light at an end of a tunnel. Being given the option to choose how and when to end one’s life is an opportunity for us as humans to defy the possible pains of death caused from sickness. This is beneficial for patients due to the outcome of not being forced to fight the disease longer than they feel they want to. Living day by day consistently miserable is discouraging to the person dealing with the disease and to the family trying to be there for that member. Most patients when they are about to die, they want their families and friends gathered around them. Those patients who had met the requirements to be euthanized, have the choice of what day they would like to end their suffering. Moments like these are bitter sweet for the family, friends, and the patient. Although there are a few cons, like it is against certain religions and beliefs. But if it does not follow along with the patient’s ethics and beliefs, than it will not have that big of an effect on them. The only effect it would have on them would be if the victim had a friend who belief or religion is against it and try to tell the victim not to do

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