Essay On Electric Cars

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Electric cars
Electric cars are pathways to a sustainable city. We should start using electric cars thus reducing the need for gasoline powered cars. Electric cars are environmentally beneficial, electric cars are more cost efficient than gasoline cars and they use renewable energy. At some point in the future electric cars will be as more popular than gasoline powered cars. Based on these facts electric cars should be used more than gasoline powered cars.
Electric cars are a beneficial way to help the environment. Electric cars are one hundred percent eco-friendly as they run on electricity so there would be no need to buy gas ever again. No gas meaning, no gas emissions and no toxic or harmful gases going in the air. That’s exactly what the electric car does. Electric cars are way smoother to drive and they reduce noise pollution. Electric cars are charged and powered only by electricity that we get. Electric cars clearly have many benefits towards our environment.
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The average American would spend about $2000 to $4000 on gas, when it costs under $300 to change a typical EV (electric vehicle). I found that almost every plug in /EV car is cheaper than a gasoline car. Electric cars run on electric powered engines and hence there is no need to lubricate the engines. An article by “Jalopnik” says that “Electric cars just got $5000 cheaper in Colorado” Whether this is true or just a rumor this shows that electric cars are getting cheaper worldwide and how cost efficient electric cars are getting. Some examples of electric cars is the Nissan Leaf — $21,300, Fiat 500e — $24,300, Mitsubishi i — $15 495, and Wheego Whip $18,995. These are just to name a few but there are many more electric cars out there. This shows that electric cars are a cost efficient type of transportation and is affordable to

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