Essay On Elderly In Prison

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Why is it that they are keeping elderly inmates in prison who are bedridden? The elderly population in prison is increasing at a staggering rate and its becoming a nightmare. “The Justice Department’s internal watchdog analyzed that the Bureau of Prisons has been most often unable to provide adequate and humane housing and care for elderly inmates” (Price). The result of mass incarceration and strict sentencing strategy at the federal and state level. Elderly prisoners necessitate more expensive care at a time when they are danger to the community at large decline. By 2030 one third of all incarcerated individuals will be over the age of fifty-five. The regression rate for adults over the age of sixty-five is four percent, although compassionate …show more content…
In my perspective, I believe that the State and Federal officials should review the elderly sentencing and release policies that determine which could adapt to bring down the growing population of elderly prisoners without risking any public safety. In addition to this I also believe that expanding comprehensive plans for medical care, housing and programs that will help them and projected populations for elderly offenders. Not to mention, they need to modify prison facility rules that impose undesired hardships on elderly prisoners. Prison facility’s, regulations and rules, were created by younger inmates in mind. They can constitute special hardships for inmates who are well in years. Climbing up to a top bunk bed, walking long distances, or standing while counts can be effectively impossible for the majority of older offenders. Corrections Officials should review and evaluate the conditions of confinement for their elderly inmates, incorporate the programs and services obtainable for them, not only that, but make changes as required to ensure their human rights are

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