Essay On Effects Of Television On Children

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Within the last few decades, children have been dramatically socialized by one thing in particular: television. Over the generations technology has seemed to have taken over and in today’s society, television and technology seem to be the key concept to keeping a child busy throughout hours of the day. The effects that television can have a child varies. Projecting the wrong image, projecting violence, and giving the latest “trends” all factor into a child’s developing brain. In 1945, the pollster George Gallup asked Americans, "Do you know what television is?" Now virtually every American home has at least one television set, and the average set is on almost 7 hours a day. Within the 7 hours that a child is sitting in front of the television allowing their brain to soak in the toxic reflections of a violent television show or movie, they could be reading a book or spending time outdoors with an activity. The most recent study of the effect that television has on children is the study of the developing antisocial behavior. It is easy to get caught up in a TV show and not converse with friends or other people in public. An alternative to sitting …show more content…
Children need to develop family relationships, self-direction, and the basic skills of communication to discover their strong and weak strengths and limitations in life. With a television, keeping social interaction alive is impossible. While watching a program, children are put in a passive situation where speaking, interacting, exploring, or doing anything else active doesn 't happen because they are too busy staring at something moving on a screen in front of their eyes. Pecora (2007) states that research done by Winn (1977), "shows the growing importance of television as a medium of socialization, although clearly it is only one among a number of important

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