Dark Skin Stereotypes

America is the nation where everyone can is treated fairly and equally. However, this cliché is only to mask how America continually segregates and discriminate against minorities. The use of television shows, media, and other sources have spread the idea how people of a certain ethnic group act. In particular, this happens to people of dark skin color. As a person who is mixed in ethnicity, but has a darkish skin color, I have seen how the ideology that is spread by American culture has affected me personally. The news and social media stereotypes that people of darker skin are inferior to people with white skin color, which affects many people in America each day. The media can certainly have an effect on how people see another group of …show more content…
For background information, Freddie Gray is the man who was killed by six police officers after shackled and place without a seatbelt in a Baltimore City Police Van. According to Adam Johnson of AlterNet, the CNN reporter said ““The April 19 death of Freddie Gray, the son of an illiterate heroin addict, made him a symbol of the black community’s distrust of police,” (Johnson). I am not aware if the report that Freddie mother is or is not an illiterate heroin addict, but it does not matter. The fact that producers at CNN believed this was acceptable script to write shows how the media stereotypes dark skin people. To suggest that a person whose mother is an illiterate heroin addict is a symbol to the black community is an attack to the character and intelligence of all black people. This quote makes it appear that black people only distrust the police if they are a criminal. It sheds away from black people constantly being pulled over more than people of white skin color. The direct racism shown in this quote attacks the intelligence and character of not only Freddie Gray, but of all people that are part of the black community identified by

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