Essay On Being An American Citizen

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Living in the United States of America provides many opportunities in jobs, education, and military. Many people immigrate to the United States to take these opportunities to make a better life for their families. But being an American citizen comes with certain responsibilities, and the biggest one involves protecting the United States and the people within. Being a part of the military is the biggest responsibility an American citizen can have, because you have to protect an entire country that influences so many others. You also have to respect the views and opinions of others and pay your taxes and income on time. These responsibilities may seem basic but they are all important. Being the part of the military in the United States is a huge responsibility in certain chances. If another war like Vietnam begins and another draft is initiated, then anyone who is able bodies must be prepared to join the military and defend the U.S. and protect any allies or countries that we support in the war. A draft is very large responsibility because some people may not be ready for the military or ready to go fight in another country they’ve never been in before and it is very intimidating, but other will be willing to go to that country to fight for the freedom of others or to protect their …show more content…
Citizens are called upon to vote for our net president for the next four years. They also vote for city, state, and congress, for the length of their terms. Voting for the next president or any other political places is important because it help the population choose a single person to lead the country and make important decisions. The person leading our country will decide where we go to war, what bills or amendments are passed, and what economical decisions we have problems with. So voting for a president capable of making the right decisions is a big

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