Essay Of Jason Todd And Bucky Barnes

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This is a paper about two amazing comic book characters. Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes are often considered so similar that they might as well be the same character. Jason Todd is a DC character created in March 1983 as a sidekick for Batman to replace his first prodigy, Dick Grayson. Bucky Barnes is a Marvel character created in March 1941 as a sidekick for Captain America. The two boys share several critical personality traits, but overall are very different.
In Life James Buchannan “Bucky” Barnes was born March 9, 1925. Bucky’s father died in combat and his mother from some mysterious illness, leaving Bucky to become a cadet at just 13-years-old. He had a little sister, Rebecca, who went to boarding school after his parents died leaving
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In Batman #638 it was revealed to Batman and the rest of the family that the Red Hood was Jason Todd. Sam Wilson, Steve Roger’s new sidekick, aided Bucky Barnes in his recovery. Initially Sam disapproved of Bucky, believing he wouldn’t be able to be saved. Once Sam realized that Bucky was not in control of his actions he became his friend. Jason was angry that Bruce had replaced him so easily. He was so angry that he broke into the Tower that Tim Drake, the new Robin, live in and fought everyone that lived there. He tore the Robin symbol off of Tim’s chest, believing that there shouldn’t be another …show more content…
Unlike Steve, Bucky used guns often making for a darker Captain America than had previously been seen. He led the New Avengers After Batman was thought to be dead Jason took up the mantle of Batman, much to the dismay of all of Bruce’s other children. Jason used guns, which Bruce had forbidden, and left notes on his victims saying ‘I am Batman’.
Similarities Bucky Barnes was the first hero, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the best. Both men were child soldiers in one way or the other. They had hard upbringings that led them to their darker mind sets. Both men were orphans who were taken in by an adult. Both had been presumed dead for decades, were brought back to life in other countries and had romances with women from the respective countries. Both men had to endure tremendous torture.
After they returned to America, they both popped up as villains who endangered the lives of their old mentors as well as the rest of their family. After the mentor died each man quickly took over the mantel of their old mentors, but returned to being anti-heroes in their own rights. They are both still a part of their mentor’s family.

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