Essay: A Career As A Physician Assistant

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I’ve been addicted to learning from the start. While all aspects of learning are in some way beneficial, the connection between health science and me has been engraved in my heart. By being in high school, I felt I was limited in the opportunities to dwell in health care. However, I’ve proved my suspicions wrong by delegating myself to creative ways in outreaching to the medical path. I’ve attended medical seminars, shadowed, volunteered, researched and challenged myself to understand people better in ways like attending cultural events that could potentially help me in the future to become a competent healthcare provider. Through endless researching, I stumbled upon a career known as a physician assistant at the beginning of my junior year. From then on, I’ve developed a devotion to the profession through extensive shadowing and intensive researching. It’s …show more content…
With a chemistry major, there’s a diverse pathway of directions to pursue in like research, clinical laboratory, and health-related careers. All of them interests me to pursue greater paths in helping humanity in some way, shape or form. Through the expansive pond of opportunity, I still strive to become a Physician Assistant. However, with such an admiration for a career that’s not popularly known, I always happen to get stumbling comments on being a physician assistant because people see it as a disappointing substitute of being a doctor. However, I sense a pattern of lack in fully understanding the profession in the people that I talk to. I adore being a physician assistant for the beneficial aspects of flexible specialty ground, guided perspectives from doctors, and interesting ways to keep up with your profession like seminars and CE credits. I, in no way, find it any easier than being a doctor and I want to express my respect for the career through integrating more information to the community in a positive

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