Esports Research Paper

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ESports the Next Olympic Sport? ESports has been on the rise in the world and many question whether eSports should be incorporated into the Olympics and I say: why not? Many may think that eSports, playing video games competitively, might not qualify to be an Olympic sport or that it might promote bad behaviors associated with video games, but I don’t see that to be the case and others agree. ESports being placed into the Olympics will boost the video game related industry, cause the Olympics to appeal to a wider audience, and adapt the Olympics to our evolving culture. Some may jump to the conclusion that video games cause people to become more violent as opposed to not playing and thus promoting them in the Olympics would be a …show more content…
Douglas Gentile believes that games such as World of Warcraft or Call of Duty which require team work and other skills can improve our cooperation and coordination in humans. Video games offer much more than most people think. Generally, people have a view that they only provide a way for people to be lazy. By using this thought process it causes many to overlook what video games can actually do to help humans, which Douglas Gentile clearly points out. Video games and eSports focus less on the physical exertion, like the traditional sports, but transfers the focus to the mental abilities. In an interview with Brandon Beck, Riot Games CEO, Jon Robinson asks, “How are pro gamers athletes?” To which Brandon responds claiming, “Pro gamers possess tremendous agility and toughness (qtd. in Robinson.).” Video games in general help with our mental acuity and creating synapses or brain-cell connections from repeated actions in video games (Gentile). So, while video games might not give that health benefits from physical exertion, they provide an equal benefit to us as humans to our mental health and

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