Escaping Reality When Pen And Paper Meet

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Escaping Reality When Pen and Paper Meet

Do you know what it is like to stick your feet in the ocean? The smell of salt water fills the air along with a nice tropical breeze. You have a beach chair at the edge of the water letting the waves crash into your feet. You watch as the sun falls into the water causing the sky and earth to meet. Here one can feel refreshed and freed. I am blessed to rediscover this feeling many times a week when my pen and paper meet. Writing set my soul free.
My writing process is a long drawn out internal disaster which eventually turns into a well written piece. I would not change my writing process for anything. However less procrastination and better spelling couldn’t hurt me! My writing process changes depending on I’m writing. When writing freely in my notebook or on a computer screen, my only process is to proof read.
Over the last eight years my writing has become a voice no one can take from me. More importantly world is where my soul can unleash. A world where one my find the flames of candle dancing back and forth as the fan spins slowly. The clock has passed midnight; most of the lights across the city have gone dim. Elwood our big German shepherd lay on the ground guarding me. The aroma of a light air freshener fulfills our little room.
On my bed is where you’ll find me with my knees curled up and my pink blanket covers me. My notebook or writing device sits in front of me. The house is quite, everyone lays…

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