Escada - Business Strategy Essay

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Fashion Business Strategy Assignment
Unit Leader: Anna Watson
MA Strategic Fashion Marketing
Assem Ospanova – OSP10309007
DEC 2010

Fashion Business Strategy Assignment
Choose a fashion company, which is currently underperforming. Using the frameworks, models or concepts discussed in class, analyse why the company is struggling and suggest a strategy for the company that will help overcome its current difficulties. Consider the current and future implications of the macro and microenvironment.

Paper structure
Escada case analysis * Opportunities and Threats through PESTEL analysis * Strength and Weaknesses through RBV
Strategic choices * Strategic clock * Ansoff
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Usually the target is addressed to an older target rather than young and fashionable customers, therefore the recommendation would be to build the Escada Sport label targeted to the fresh target. It is important to build a strategic platform for the future consolidating the image of the brand with the long-term vision.

Theoretical frameworks
According to Walsh (2005) the evolution of market’s variables arising from environmental change may require a change in a firm’s strategies in order to respond to the potential opportunities and threats created by these variables. Therefore it is extremely important identifying the key drivers for change, which are interrelated with eachother, through PESTEL analysis, in order to suggest the right strategic recommendation for Escada. The goal is to reduce the threats and take advantages of the opportunities (Johnson et al, 2008).
“Escada’s re-orientation takes place in a difficult environment” said CEO Bruno Sälzer (, 2008).
Further the internal analysis of the organization will be taken into consideration through the diagnosis of strategic capabilities and the strengths and weaknesses related. This will help to identify the right options to leverage in order to achieve the

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