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Cisco ERP implementation

Cisco Systems Cases

Cisco Systems is one the most important successful cases on an ERP implement with the internet and since then it has added substantial CRM capabilities for customer service and an extensive portal for internal and customer-oriented knowledge management. Even with its lead, the company never rests: It recently went through another round of reengineering key processes to make better use of available technology.

Cisco the company
Cisco System, Inc. was founded in 1984; became public in 1990, their primary product is the
“router” hardware & software that control Intranet & Internet traffic. The rise of the Internet made Cisco one of the top companies, a company
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Decision speed was key due to its emergency. o Oracle o Emphasis on manufacturing * Promises:long term development based on the functionality of the package, this was a key factor for Cisco’s success. The promise was not only on a product in was on the capability of this product. o Flexibility since Oracle was close to them

When it was time to go to the board key questions had to be answer such as cost and time.
The board adopted the decision with a committed of 9 months of implementation and a total cost of $15 million.

Lesson Achieved

The “Big Bang” implementation forced Cisco to make things happened, they did not have another option, the company was out of business and they were forced to make the system work. Time was reduced due to its condition and its pressure.

Personal argument is that other companies would not use the same tactic, or companies should not wait to be on this situation to implement an ERP system, a simply mistake on the process can easily take them out of business, due to its vulnerability.

What was done right was the execution, strong support and the ability to relay on the capacity of a system and not on the systems

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