Gavin's Argumentative Essay

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I am a nanny for three wonderful little boys, one of them is Gavin who just turned three years old a month ago. Gavin tends to be the difficult child of the bunch, and has issues listening and doing as told. He is a really sweet kid and is smart when he wants to be, but he usually chooses to ignore you when you try to teach him something. He is an aggressive child and seems to be in Erikson's initiative versus guilt stage. Gavin tends to be an aggressive child. According to Belsky (2016), “aggression refers to acts designed to cause harm, from shaming to shoving, from gossiping to starting unprovoked wars” (pg. 179). Aggression tends to become a real issue around age two-and-a-half. There are many different types of aggression and many …show more content…
Gavin, being three years old, has gone through the first two and is making his way through the third stage, initiative versus guilt. Gavin has gone through basic trust versus mistrust and autonomy versus shame and doubt. These two stages as Belsky (2016) talks about, allow infants to develop into children and eventually grow up, and enter the early and middle childhood stages. Table 6.1 (pg. 171) gives us a brief overview of Erikson’s stages and allow us to clearly follow along and see where children are. These also lead to self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined by Belsky as “the tendency to feel good or bad about ourselves”. It becomes an issue in elementary school and continues throughout life. More often than not, self-esteem declines throughout school, more so in elementary school. This is where the initiative versus guilt stage really comes to play, children need to find their purpose in life and realize they can become a good child. Children who are left out and don’t receive the attention they desire often focus on getting attention any way possible and don’t worry about being a good child. They tend to not care as much what their parents think of them as long as they are receiving attention. They can choose to become good kids after they start getting attention because they don’t like how disappointed their parents are. Therefore, the initiative versus guilt stage is an important

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