Equity And Access Concerns Play A Major Role Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Equity and Access concerns play a major role in your own sporting individual life. Factors have been used to organise five groups according to Peter Figueroa. He has developed this framework to assist the study into the sport society. These participations is ultimately successful in any sport depended on these ranges of factors.
These five groups being:
 Cultural
 Structural
 Individual
 Interpersonal and;
 Institutional
1.1. Background about Forest Lake State High School
Forest Lake State High School is located in Brisbane, Forest Lake just bordering Ipswich. Forest Lake State High School is a school with a population that includes over 1400 students from years 7-12. This school provides educational programs and services that students can be a part of. It also has a co-educational environment that kids thrive in. The school provides a PRIDE program standing for Prepared, Respected, Included, Dedicated and Educated; this gets the kids to understand the expectations of the school. This school consists of a junior secondary school for the years 7-9 and a senior school for the years 10-12. Multiculturalism is involved within the school; these cultural groups include Polynesians, Africans and Vietnamese along with our local Australians. Sporting at Forest Lake State High School predominantly revolves around football codes of rugby league, soccer and touch football. Swimming is not a featured sport in this school and has a low participation. We have one…

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