Epilogue To The Poet's Mistake

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"What's going on!?" Nadia shout hoarsely when she gains consciousness in the cabin that was once hers and Lukes before the incident.

Nadia soon realizes that no one is near. "I'm not alone... Luke! No No that isn't possible, Gabriel wouldn't have done this to me. I shouldn't be here" Nadia begins to feel her heart pacing, she soon begins to feel like her heart is being pulled out of her chest. "I.. I can't be alone... Gabriel!! Luke!!" Nadia screams one last time before she suddenly falls to the floor.

A couple of hours later Nadia wakes up again to the sound of birds chirping outside her window. Am I not alone? She thinks to herself

As Nadia wipes her dry tears from her face she looks at her hands and notices the silver diamond ring that Luke has given her a few days before they had been
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A girl with short curly brown hair sits on a rock on the edge of a cliff that drops down to the sea, looks at her older brother and asked him "Michael, why does Father send us to these islands when he wants to check on the monkeys he calls Humans"

Michael hears his sister asked him a question that he does know the answers to and gives her the reply " Well, Nadia father has told me a secret and says that I mustn't reveal why, but for you are my favorite little sister... " He pauses and looks at Nadia "He has a plan for them, a project I must say: an experiment to test a theory" As he takes a pause to think of what to say Nadia interrupts him.

"Father has created several different other life forms and has told us why before, why should this be any different" Nadia as hard-headed as she is, knows that she shouldn't question father's actions.

Cloud begins to creep upon the sky from the edge of the sea. Michael and Nadia noticed that the once calm cyan sea had turned into a dark blue almost gray color.

Nadia feels the breeze flow through her

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