Narrative Essay About Pamela And Rain

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You Just as
Well Come Clean!

Pamela and Rain

As Pamela seat there with her beautiful milky brown skin; and her deep chestnut brown dreamy eyes. With her neatly lock twisted shored length hair, and her slightly over size curves. She slowly lifted up her head, out of her hands, and bargained questioning Rain, “Girl how could I been so stupid, to let this happen to me”? As Rain turned around from looking out of Pamela’s, bay window with the sunlight shining across her dark mahogany Indian smoothed skin. Rain, is a small frame short in height, African American middle age woman, with a cold black tapper haircut. She looked over at her broken hearted best friend, and saw the pain from the be trail of the man she thought was sent to her from God.
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Why are you still trying to protect him? He is not, worthy of your protection. I’m telling you his kind make me sick! He Preacher on Sunday, and sleeps around on Monday. I am more grateful for the old time Preacher back in the day, when I was a kid. I did not like it at the time making me pray for hours at the altar, and making us young girls wear those long dresses, that all you could see were our shoes peeping out from under. They were the real church man like Moses; the only thing he was thinking about parting was the red sea.
Well, thanks Rain, for being my girl and not judging me, and making me feel like a whore. Pamela, I’m not judging anyone, nor am I calling you and whore, but the fact, are all out on the table for everyone to see. Hey, I’m sorry, but you know for yourself, that we both have done stuff in our past that if we could take it back we would. However, you also know how we do; we keep it real with each other. Pamela, you know right from wrong, so at the time when you were sleeping with that man, you can’t tell me that doing the right thing never ran across your mind? But I guess, Preacher man must have been really laying it down.
Rain! Do you even think before you

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