Enzyme Lab Essay

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Enzyme Activity Lab


1] Are enzymes reusable? Yes, enzymes are reusable.

2] Which of the following do you think contain catalase? [Manganese dioxide, chicken meat, apple, carrot, potato, or chicken liver] I think that the manganese dioxide, apple, and carrot contain the catalase.

3] Would grinding the materials affect enzyme activity?

I think that grinding the materials will increase enzyme activity.

4] Would temperature affect enzyme activity?

I think that at normal body temperature, regular enzyme activity will occur.

5] What about pH levels?

I think that at a balanced pH level (pH 7) like water, enzyme activity will be at the highest.


-To demonstrate the activity of
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Although there were excellent reactions, there were several conditions that slowed down and stopped the action of the enzyme catalase. One condition was when the liver was boiled. The liver hardened and it did not react to the hydrogen peroxide or H2O2. Also, when reused hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 was used, there was not a reaction.

Catalase has an optimal temperature and pH for that of a human cell. The optimal temperature is average room temperature, which is about 25°C. With the class averages, it had the highest rate of reaction with a 3.38. Also, the optimal pH was a neutral one of 7. By comparing this to the class data, ph 7 had a rate of reaction over 4, giving it the highest rate of reaction of all the pH levels tested. These pH and temperature levels are good because in the human body, there is a low pH and a constant body temperature. When the temperature is changed, either lower or higher, the enzyme activity is greatly affected. When the liver was boiled, there was a little to no reaction. Also, with different pH levels, catalase acts very differently. The difference between the acidic pH levels and base-like pH levels were very different.

In the lab, we were able to determine which tissues had catalase present. All of the tissues appeared to have catalase present in them. Although is seemed that all the tissues

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