Essay on Environmental Sustainability For Publix Supermarket

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responsibility in increasingly addressing the needs of corporate images and reputations for corporations success in order for them to recruit and retain highly skilled personnel.
Environmental Sustainability for Publix Supermarket, Inc
The Publix Supermarket chains environmental sustainability helps balance the needs of humanity in the midst of the living earth needs by meeting today’s demands, without compromising tomorrow’s essentials associated with the green routine that was established in 2001 to help the environment be more eco friendly (Publix, 2014). Furthermore, it is design to encourage environmentally responsible habits by associates to utilize at home, work, as well as being aware of consumption at home and establish policies at work in hopes to make a difference (Publix, 2014). In Addition, the company wanted to make smarter choices with the decisions to enrich employees, customers, and the planet quality of life by utilizing the list below as an example of what they continue to do with the green program.
• Refrigeration, A/C,
• Lighting
• solar energy
• Recycling efforts
• Plastic savings
• Packaging
Seafood Sustainability:
• Leadership
• Packaging
• Traceability
• Industry partners, seafood sustainability
• Education, transportation
• Supplier explanation
• Reusable bags
• Feeding America
• Efficient transportation
• Product sourcing
• Greenhouse gas inventory
• Charging stations (Publix, 2014).
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