Environmental Challenges Facing The Automobile Industry Essay

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This paper is about the environmental challenges that are facing the Automobile Industry.
This paper is summarizes the materials processing, manufacturing, the use, reuse, and finally its reclamation back into the process. I will summate how the competition in the industry is managing new regulations, the technology for powering the product that the Automobile Industry produces, and the effects of emissions on the environment and the government reactions. Vehicles are not made of what they used to be, the process to design, build, and test automobiles are not the same as they used to be, especially environmental. Lastly, I will review consumer’s opinions about the products and what the Automakers in the US are doing to help the environment. ENVIROMENTAL CHALLENGES FACING THE AUTO INDUSTRY 3
The Environmental Challenges Facing
The Auto Industry: Materials Processing to Reclamation According to an EHS Today Survey, the auto industry views environmental issues as a top concern. As one of the big challenges, more than fifty percent of employees of automakers, such as designers and engineers said that environmental factors are one of the industry’s biggest challenges. In the same survey, it was also noted that only thirty-two percent (32%) of auto makers stated that this was their top concern. In the survey, they note that issues such as fuel economy, emissions, and clean air policies are large challenges, calling for advanced innovations in materials

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