Traditionalism And The Neo-Traditionalist Issue Of Environmental Values

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There are two main viewpoints on any environmental issue, the modernist perspective

and the neo-traditionalist perspective. The two perspectives greatly contrast each other, as they

take completely opposite sides of the argument in any environmental issue. This was represented

in the lecture by Professor Mark Boyer about Considering Environmental Values. For the

purpose of this essay, I will specifically be talking about the issue of Climate change, and how

both perspectives view this environmental issue.

The modernist perspective consists of the optimists, they conclude that our continuous

technological advancement is key to future success and will bring about solutions to any

problems. They believe that humans are dominant
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We need to start taking action now in order to

have any chance in slowing down the process of climate change.

One governmental policy that takes a neo-traditionalist approach on climate change is the

policy of Cap-and-Trade. Cap-and-trade is a limit, through the use of permits, on the amount of

greenhouse gas emission that companies can release. According to Professor Kathleen Segerson,

there are three components involved in Cap-and-trade system. First, the cap needs to be below

current emissions and is therefore a “binding cap”. Second, the cap is based solely on emissions

released, not on the technology, leaving flexibility to companies on how they will achieve this

reduction. Lastly, the companies have the ability to buy and sell permits for the amount of

emissions that they can produce, which allows the permits to go to those who value them the

most. The cap-and-trade approach generates incentives for everyone to participate in reducing

their emissions released into the atmosphere.

There are many different processes of conservation that one can personally do to

consume less and decrease one’s own carbon footprint. To decrease your carbon footprint
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Therefore, by using public transportation or by driving less and using fuel efficient cars

you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and begin in decreasing emissions that are causing

climate change. To follow the neo-traditionalist approach more profoundly, you can focus more

on walking and riding a bike to replace your fuel using vehicle.

You can also decrease your water usage by taking shorter showers and turning off the

water when you are not physically using it, along with reusing gray water for non-sanitary

means. This is advocated for by the article “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilizations” by

Lester Brown when he states that in order to restore earth’s natural systems and resources and to

stop the fall in water tables we need to raise water productivity: the useful activity that can be

wrung from each drop.

A large amount of energy is used in agricultural farming of animals. The article “How

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