Environmental Awareness, The Advocacy Of The Delicateness Of Protecting The Natural Environment

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Environmental awareness is the advocacy of the delicateness of protecting the natural environment and learning how to conserve and help improving its state. Why is it important to spread environmental awareness? It is important to spread environmental awareness because one needs to be alert about the important issues that can play a significant role in damaging the world both now and in the future. Many times people do not realize what type of effect they have on the environment in their everyday life. However even with the smallest changes a person makes in their daily routine can make a big impact on the way the environment is going to be. People who push to make the changes for the environment are called activist or environmentalists because they go above and beyond to try and make a change either in fighting or teaching others on what type of impact the human race has made on the world. Without activists none of this would be possible because eventually the topic would be dropped in reasons that at times the movement affects the government. One huge impact the Los Angeles area faces is environmental injustice. This clearly means that in that area is it more highly that people are not so aware about all the wrong things put in their way. Such as freeways, industrial facilities and railroads but what makes these things so critical is that they are high pollutants but people do not realize it. They seem to be put around the Los Angeles area because it is a low income area…

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