Does Parole Work Essay

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Does Parole Work?

Parole is a prime example of the reintegration program used by the criminal justice system. It releases the offenders back into society many of them are placed on parole as a proper form of punishment instead of having them crowding the prisons. Parolees, The Bureau of Justice Statistics tracking of parolees that found that 62% of parolees were rearrested within three years of their release (Worrall 210).With so many forms of parole from diversion programs, boot camps, house arrest, electric monitoring, and rehab programs.

Alexander Maconochie ran a prison in England he believed that inmates could have to be rehabilitated, so he made a program in which inmates had to earn their release. Making a three step program in
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The average age for parolees ranges from 32 to 33 years of age and a majority of them being African American males. Discretionary parole is for nonviolent offenders, and mandatory parolees are violent criminals. Parole offenders account for one-third of the prison population according to Sadhbh Walshe (2012) with 2.3 million Americans doing jail time. Parole supervision cost American taxpayers $3.42 per day, compared to keeping an offender in prison which cost $78.95. If the perpetrator in not a violent offender it is better to have them on parole instead of having them in jail. Offenders would be more likely to come out and commit a crime spending time in a prison setting instead of being rehabbed in society. The two ways parolees end up in jail is by committing an offense or violating their …show more content…
Violent offenders should be held in jail and letting nonviolent offenders out; Many offenders need minimal rehabilitation to become productive members of society. They can stay in their communities maintain healthy family and work lives When sent to prison the offenders might take up bad habits and learn further criminal behavior.

Most prisoners have drug addictions keeping them in is not helping, putting them on parole allows them to recover by being in rehab. In some cases parole has not worked due to the offender not being supervised, offenders that are a part of traditional probation programs have a recidivism rate of 65%.The other issue is the public safety if the perpetrator continues to break laws or abusing drugs and alcohol they will most likely end up back in jail.

Parole is entirely beneficial to the communities and the offenders who are placed in these programs. Without parole in the criminal justice system, crime rates would be soaring with no answer in sight, like most things parole is not perfect it has its flaws there are ways to fix it. Having the offender report to their parole officer twice a week and the parole officer doing a random check in once a week as well. The offender is making sure they fill out all paperwork required so they will face no further penalties. I believe that parole works and is an intricate part of the justice

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