Probation And Parole Essay

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1. Parole is conducted differently in each state (Latessa & Smith, 2011). Parole is also an important part of reentry into the community for offenders (Latessa & Smith, 2011). There are a number of factors that influence parole boards’ decisions to grant parole to an inmate. Good behavior of offenders during their incarceration time is one factor. A second factor is the jobs an offender does during their time in prison. Another factor based on the state the offender is incarcerated in has a requirement of a certain amount of time served before that offender is even considered for parole. Another factor taken into account is the seriousness and type of crime the offender committed in the first place to be incarcerated. One factor that influences …show more content…
I do believe the technical conditions of probation and parole are “fair”. In terms of probation there are general conditions that all probationees must follow. There are also specific conditions that are designed to fit the offender to help that offender successfully reintegrate back into society. There are many special conditions based on the crime the offender committed. Required probation fees, community services, and restitution are also fair conditions that offenders have to complete. For the offender to complete community service it makes sense. The offender wronged and or hurt the community they committed the crime in so they should help the community in any way they can. Community service also provides a way for offenders to reintegrate into society. Probation fees seem fair especially since probation offices have to supervise many offenders. The offender is basically paying for guidance counselors that try to help the offender back into society. Restitution is fair for the offender to complete because it can lessen the loss of the victim, maximize reconciliation of the offender and community…’ In terms of parole which is basically a contract between the offender and state and vary depending on the offender and which state parole is granted in are also fair. Offenders are getting freedom through parole in exchange abiding by the rules and regulations set by the parole

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