Entreprenuship Essay

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5 characteristics that make me a successor in my business is:

i) Passion
The entrepreneur must have more than a casual interest in the business because there will be many hurdles and obstacles to be overcome. If there is no passion, or consuming interest, the business will not succeed. When people (entrepreneur) feel committed and to what they’re doing and when they care deeply about it, they have a chance of being successful at it. Passion is the enthusiasm, ambition, joy and zeal that emerge when entrepreneur are doing something that they feel is important and truly enjoy. This passion, it is an attitude that results in tenacity in the face of difficulty and a willingness to work hard. Entrepreneur does not give up easily. In fact,
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High entrepreneurial self-efficacy is important in the early stages of any business.

iv) Risk Takers
An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take a risk in the pursuit of opportunities. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. This risk taking attitude or ability is based on a dream, a vision and ongoing effort to control the outcomes of the risks associated with the business. An effective entrepreneur is an intelligent risk taker. A risk taker does not invest like a fool, but carefully.

v) Proactive Leader
Successful entrepreneurs are proactive leaders. They like challenge, enjoy competing with others, do not wait for the future with ideal conditions to react and they seek out, evaluate and act on professional advice. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations. Successful entrepreneurs inspire other people to help them achieve their goals; they are comfortable with people and good communicating their vision and needs. Successful entrepreneurs also know how to monitor and supervise people to make sure that their instruction are carried our properly.

5 skills that make me a successor in my business is:

i) Ability to recognize market opportunity
Opportunity recognition is an important skills set for an entrepreneur and a key part in the creation of a successful start-up organization. Substantial

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