Essay on Entrepreneurship Development

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Chapter 5


Entrepreneurship is not an inborn skill; it is a product of environment. It involves a complex of economic and social behavior. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to remain dynamic and responsible to the whole environment. Entrepreneurship can hardly survive under any given circumstances. It can flourish only under right environment. It is a part of total system. The social values, culture, government policies, political system, technology, economic conditions, laws, etc influence the growth of entrepreneurship.

In fact, the entrepreneurship can not be kept aloof from the changing social values, ideologies, new emerging aspirations, environmental pressures, religious beliefs,
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But sociologists still claim that caste and religions do have an impact on the environment. For example, paresis of Maharashtra, Jains of Rajasthan and Gujarat have been the mainsprings of entrepreneurial activity.
Social mobility involves the degree of social and geographical mobility and the nature of mobility channels within a system. These are varied opinions about the influence of social mobility on the entrepreneurial environment. Hostelitz and McClelland’s needs for openness of a system and flexibility in role relations respectively reveal an imperative role of mobility within a system for entrepreneurial development. Their viewpoint is that high degree of social mobility would possibilities promote entrepreneurship. Brozen’s emphasis is that the system should neither be too flexible nor too rigid because the former would pull the entrepreneurs away from his role and the latter would restrict the entrepreneurs. However, social mobility does not work in the system in isolation but there are many other factors which influence the entrepreneurial environment.

Social marginality also positively influences entrepreneurship. Stauworth and Curran stress that a person belonging to a social group traditionally constrained to enter economic activity and barred from many other activities by the society is expected to choose the owner manager role in a small industry.

Technology represents the application of

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