Enrollment Management And The Enrollment System Essay

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Effective Enrollment Management
For those outside of enrollment in higher education, the phrase enrollment management may evoke images of potential students waiting in line to enroll in courses at a new community college or university. However, enrollment management is actually a complex symphony of departments within a higher education institution with the common goal of finding, enrolling, and retaining students. Working independently, these departments consist of student service departments such as enrollment, student records, advisory, financial aid, housing and foodservices. Working in conjunction, these departments create a systematic effort to address all the needs of the students in an effort to guide potential students to the university and maintain that relationship until graduation. Following is a definition of enrollment management, and a description of the four models of enrollment management. Additionally, the many functions of the enrollment management department, challenges encountered by enrollment managers, and reactions to challenges will also be described.
Enrollment Management Defined
The first known use of the term enrollment management is credited to Jack Maguire of Boston College in 1976, who defined enrollment management as an effort to influence student enrollment (Vander Schee, 2014). This definition was revised in recent years by Hossler (1991) to the following, “organizational concept and a systematic set of activities designed to enable…

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