Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study

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The initial reading of the case study “Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad” for this reader was a portrayal of overwhelming inability of persons in a system to function. This is where I noticed that an acute crisis exist. The use of the term function or functioning means something is working. It is used to identify “working” in medicine and physical health more frequently. It did not fit the scenario initially so a search for a more suitable term for the case study was sought. There needed to be an accurate visual profound descriptor of “Engsrtom” and their plight. Thus, social system dysfunction is the extreme that best labeled the situation. It clearly focuses on an employee situation. Unless it is addressed diligently there is a potential for the situation to become irreparable. Although the corporation was salvaged in the past, there was a repetition of factors that cause it to fail at that time. There was clear evidence of non-success and this was allowed to linger. Problem solvers, visionaries were not available to intervene successful at any level. The theme for understanding the occurrence in this case study is dysfunction, communication and social. The problems are identified relative to the process of dysfunction. (Beer & Collins 2008)

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Every individual is at a different level of crisis and there is tunnel vision and a heighten need for self-preservation. However, these employees are in a vicious circle and they are ineffective as they attempt resolution. They are just not able to step out of the situation at this point. The same individual will attempt to reach a more calm state by grouping themselves with people who think like them. Rumor and speculation are rampant and blame is ever present. As the situation worsens polarization occurs. At this point a system of fruitful communication is non-existent.

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