English in 500 Years Essay

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English has come a long way since it first started to crop up as a language. Many words have been borrowed from pervious and concurrent languages in the beginning and still are to this day. English is an ever evolving language. Even now, new words and phrases are being adding to it. What will the English language look like in 500 years? We can look to the past and present for clues to how the language will evolve over that time.
The English language as it is known now will not exist in 500 years. The difference between English at the beginning of its usage and English in the modern day is astounding. It has come a very long way from how it used to be. This is due, in part, to the fact that English speakers are constantly adding new words
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This phrase is used in a negative way. It is a direct reference to the Jonestown Massacre. The massacre occurred when the leader of a cult instructed his followers to drink poisoned Flavor-Aid.
Phrases based off events are widespread in common language. In 500 years’ time, there will be plenty of new events to base phrases off of. These phrases will become popularized and used in everyday conversations between people.
In 500 years other cultures will be more closely assimilated. English has borrowed from languages in the past. In fact, English is almost completely made up of other, older languages. Words were cherry-picked and assimilated into the lexicon.
It is only logical to assume that countries with more people will have more and more influence on the English language as time goes on. One such country is China. The population of China is numbered in the billions. As it is the most populated, its words are the most likely to be integrated into the English lexicon.
The change will happen gradually over time. Chinese phrases and words will slowly be adopted into English speech. A few curse words will be uttered in Chinese. It may seem improbable but hints of this possible future have been cropping up in English speaking countries for quite a long time.
English speakers have always been fascinated with other countries and cultures. Many people get tattoos of Chinese and Japanese Symbols on their chests, arms

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