English Skill Essay

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1. Introduction
It does not require any further argument to state that English has become indispensable part of communication in the world. In Asia, almost each of countries has its own language which is extremely complex and quite difficult to understand. Hence, English is regarded as a bridge which helps information exchanges among Asian countries get to be more simply. It is fairly hard for Asian learners to use English correctly and effectively, especially speaking skill although they have been trained this language for a long time. When interviewing students from five Asian nations, Erlenawat has concluded that these learning difficulties are grounded in weaknesses in students’ prior learning experiences – focused on grammar and
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2. Method
This research paper is based on primary source of data obtained by conducting questionnaires. In the first place, 100 Foundation Studies Department students from different classes were randomly selected to fill the questionnaires. This method of interviewing made the sujects feel more involved in the survey compared to the traditional method of handing out questionaires and then collecting them. Finally, the results from the questionnaires is analyzed and discussed with a hope for giving useful recommendations to help FSD students improve their own TP speaking score as well as their speaking skill. The main aim is to find out the factors affecting the students’ confidence when they speak English in TP Speaking class and the methods to enhance their self-confidence in learning speaking English. 3. Results
As can be seen from the pie chart, lack of practicing makes up the largest proportion (62%) in reasons that lead to lack of confidence when students speak English. Poor sense of self-study stands in the second with 25% and the smallest percentage belongs to teaching methods of teacher.

Looking at the bar chart, factors that represent the highest percentage is practicing with others and listening

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