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In this essay, I will be talking about my pervious job, a job I resigned from one month ago. I will explain the reasons which lead me to quit, the consequences of this step, and how I imagine my future job to be. basically, I finished my undergraduate studies in Saudi Arabia, graduating with a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, which is an extraordinary field of study in my community, where people usually tend to study what the market is demanding, i.e. business studies.
After I graduate, the companies started to call me because they wanted to interview me, but I didn 't want to work outside our family company. Unfortunately my father refused to let me work with him. He insisted that I work outside his company, promising me that after I prove my self he would then allow me to work for him.
Therefore, I started e-mailing the
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Then, every morning, I had that feeling that I didn 't want to go work and I hated my job. Even my psychological health got affected, but I didn 't want to quit until I found something better.
Later on, I got busy with my engagement and the wedding arrangement and I forgot about ny future for a while.
Then six month ago, I decided to take a risk and study for a Master degree in the united State rather than staying locked in an office with people who didn 't care about me and didn 't want to spend time training me.
Finally, I blame my boss for being guilty of not doing his job, and causing me to waste two years of my life for a pointless duty call. I really want to be something important in the future, and this job experience did not break me. It actually pushed me to realize that life could be really ugly and that in order for me to achieve my desires, I have to be brave enough to explore the opportunities this life offers, to take risks and

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