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Dancing through the learning process. CR1. Inks define the learning process in this essay as: “…a complex process to define; people learn at different rates, with different approaches, and different levels of satisfaction.” She compares the learning process in school with the learning process of dance and how the behavior show in one can have positive influences in the other. During this comparison the author reflects qualities that the student can learn during both process that can be run-through his life. The students cannot see how steps in the process of learning can be compared to learning to read or write but those steps could help to achieve their purpose in school or personal life.

CR2. Inks’s definition has the
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Providing diverse programs inside and outside the country, the Army would accept all physically able people who want to contribute with the national security. The appearance of this article in the Washington Monthly demonstrate how important this problem is not only for the authors but also nationwide.

Uncle Charlie wants you. Page 689. RC1. In the essay, the author gives arguments about how the draft is an unnecessary an unpopular idea. Against what Mr. Rangel’s express, the Wall Street Journal responds focusing in why we should have recruits more prepare. It is not the amount of soldiers what makes the authors worry, is the quality and the educational level. Recruits with a high school education and above, adapt easier to rigors of military culture. The numbers of people enlisted in the Army have a directly proportional decrease in the last years. Also the presence of Hispanic and Afro-American people has decreases in the Army.

CLI1. My best response to the authors of this essay will be that I am agree whit them. I think that in order to make an effective, and powerful army, we have, first educated and that army. Knowledge is a powerful weapon that it can be destroyed; it can be erasing or took it away. Knowledge will give power and confidence to that one who poses it. A man with more than a high school diploma became in more than a soldier. He became in the soldier

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