English All Semester 2 Essay

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English III- segment 2
Semester 2 17 Assignments
Week 5 Pre-Test, 5.03, 5.04A, 5.06, 5.08
Week 6 6.02C, 6.03, 6.04A, 6.08B
Week 7 7.03A, 7.03B 7.05B, 7.08
Week 8 8.01, 8.02A and B, 8.03, 8.05 (segment exam)

5.03- A rose for Emily
Part I: Character Identification in "A Rose for Emily"
In complete sentence format, identify each of the following characters. Remember reporters, be sure to include as much information as possible to give your readers a vivid picture of each of the following characters: 1. Emily Grierson: Emily Grierson was a young lady, whose life was always run by her father. Her father who was of very high standard never felt that any man was good enough for his daughter therefore, she never married. 2.
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13. Why had the men sprinkled lime around her house in Part II? The men sprinkled lime around the house to kill the bad odor that was coming out of Miss Emily’s house. 14. There is a room upstairs no one has seen for over forty years. After Miss Emily's funeral, the door to this room is broken down. What do the townspeople find there? The townspeople found the corpse of Homer Barron in the room upstairs that was closed for over forty years. 15. What happened to Homer Barron? Comment on the second pillow on the bed in the last paragraph while responding to this one. I believed Miss Emily poisoned him so that he would not leave her. After he died she continued to sleep with him in the same bed until her death. * * 5.04Upton Sinclair
Respond to the following in complete, well-developed sentences. 1. Upton Sinclair was called a "muckraker." How did Sinclair "muckrake" for social reform? Upton Sinclair “muckrake” for social reform, by reporting the horrible conditions women, men, and children were working in, he dedicated himself to uncovering the ill conditions of the meat industries. 2. Sinclair was convinced ".... through art one could cause change." What was established as a direct result of the public outcry from this novel? Sinclair wrote “The Jungle” which opened the public eyes has to the terrible conditions people where working and how the meat products were being produced.

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