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Raising Children the Second Time Around

Being a grand-parent today can no longer be considered a traditional role. Long gone are the days when we spoiled our grand-children and sent them “home” with mommy and daddy. With both social (neglect, child abuse, drugs and jail) and economic (lower wages, higher expenses) pitfalls of today more and more grand-children are being raised solely by their grand-parents. According to the 2010, Census there are over four and a half million children raised in grand-families.

My role as a grand-mother, to Piper Reanne, was drastically changed from spoiler and nurturer to that of the parent in the fall of 2005. After financial hardships, incidents of neglect and other safety concerns, my
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They advised me to try and reach my daughter to see why she took Piper and when or if she would be bringing her back. After several frantic hours of calling my daughter she finally answered her phone, explaining she wanted her daughter back. When I asked her why she didn’t do this, taking custody, the right way she explained this was the only way to do it. I asked what Piper would be wearing since all of her clothes were at my house; she stated that she had gotten some clothes for her from Goodwill and friends. The pain from hearing Piper call out for me was unbearable; I wanted to do whatever I could to make the pain go away. I knew that meant getting Piper back home. Several days later my daughter called, said that with her new baby, she could not handle Piper too. If I wanted to, I could come to Mississippi and pick her up.

After contacting an attorney, my ex-husband and I drove eleven hours straight to Mississippi. Our attorney, Mr. Cox, had contacted the Mississippi State police and explained the situation to them giving them the location of where we were meeting so we had protection for the exchange. I prayed the entire time that my daughter would not change her mind again. Once we had physical possession of Piper, my ex-husband and I drove as fast as we could to the state line with a police escort. We stopped to get Piper something to eat, wash her up and put on clean

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