engl 216 week 7 Essay

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Overturn Rates

Prepared for:
Management of M-Global Inc.


Prepared by:
Anthony Smith, Human Resources
M-Global Inc.

August 10, 2013

142 Bertha Ln
Chicago, IL 49300

Turnover Rate Project #13-434
August 10, 2013

Turnover Rate Reduction Program
Home Office
4319 Hope St
Miami, FL 49999

Attention: Mr. Joe Blow, Director

Overturn Rates

After compiling all the information, from researching the topic of high turnover rates in a company to find what can be done to correct it in an effective manner. I have found that many areas of a company are affected and to what level of
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Alternative Forms of Recognition – It would be understood that everyone enjoys to be recognized for a job well done. Most company’s recognition comes in the familiar forms of annual raises, holiday bonus or a verbal job well done. There is no doubt that raises and bonuses are greatly appreciated. There also can be recognition in non-financial rewards. A successful employee could be asked to head up a new committee or could be awarded the extra responsibility to manage a higher budget. Both of these are responsibility based recognition which demonstrates a high level of trust in the employee. (Fung, 2013)

2. Employee Satisfaction as a Process – Companies will often commission a yearly satisfaction survey and do it with the best of intentions. It is done so that the management can get an overview of how the company employees feel about their work. The traditional surveys can be flowed in that they are not frequent enough and usually one-way feedback. Instead of a yearly survey let’s explore the idea of a satisfaction process. The information should be gathered on a more frequent basis to address problems as they arise. All concerns should be taken seriously and addressed so that employees feel they can always be honest and make sure the flow of feedback doesn’t stop. (Fung, 2013)

3. Company Values – Instead of just giving new employee’s a fat packet of information with the company’s values in it on the

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