Essay on Engineering Service At The Community

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Throughout chapter one and two the main topic is engineering service in the community. The first chapter talks about the integration between community work and engineering classes within the university setting. The first chapter talks about how engineering classes and community work complement one another and have very beneficial outcomes in the long run. The chapter also highlights some of the key essential attributes for all engineers which consist of understanding engineering design, science, math, and good communication skills. These essential attributes are needed by all engineers in order to be successful in the work field, almost all fields of engineering can participate in community service learning. There are many different fields of engineering covered in both chapter one and two that are discussed and explained. Throughout the beginning of chapter two most of the fields of engineering are explained, these fields range from aerospace to mechanical. For example, mechanical engineering talks about what mechanical engineers do and where they work and what they work with. The chapter highlights the key characteristics within each field of engineering and how and what they do for work and also the possible job opportunities for each field. The chapter then progresses into discussing the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics, also known as the (NSPE) code. Engineers are required and expected to understand these rules and abide by them at all times…

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