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Tammy Crabtree and Sons Story

Dorothy Harris

ABS 200

Instructor: Dr. Wendy Conaway

February 27, 2012

Tammy Crabtree and Sons Story

Poverty today is becoming a big issue in our society. The people most affected by poverty are children. This story is about Tammy Crabtree and her children. She has four children; they live in a small town in Ohio. She has been on welfare for eighteen years and now works at the local Burger King where she walks ten and a half miles from her home to get to work. Tammy’s son feels embarrassed by his family. He is ashamed of his circumstances. This young man is similar to a character portrayed in the 1943 movie “Imitation of Life”. In that movie there was a black lady who was a maid
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Tammy Crabtree a White single mother of four children lives in a broken down trailer out in a small town in Waverly, Ohio. Tammy had been on welfare for eighteen years, but she still needs some assistance for her children. She got a job at Burger King which still does not meet her family’s needs. She does have a car but cannot drive, nor is the car working at the time. Her Son Matt Hedi feels that he is better than his mother and brother. She is clearly beaten in her spirit and needs a boost to her self-esteem and the family desperately needs financial help.

Of course there are people that abuse the welfare system and at the same time there are those who are trying to make it without assistance or with assistance, working at minimum wage jobs and still have a hard time making ends meet. Tammy seems to have a good attitude. She has a goal to become a fifth grade teacher, which is still on her list of things to do once she gets things together in her life. Tammy might still get a welfare check to assist her even though she is working. From the documentary it does not appear that she is making enough money at Burger King to support her children, and it does not appear that she receives child support. I would recommend that Social Services start a program for people like Tammy and her boys.

Tammy should be getting food stamps and assistance with housing for herself and her children. She

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