Endometriosis Research Paper

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Endometriosis is a complex condition that affects around five million women in the United States, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. In order to fully understand Endometriosis you must first know what a menstrual cycle is and what happens during one, which we will discuss within this paper. Once we have discussed the menstrual cycle we will then talk about signs and symptoms, how to treat Endometriosis, the medications commonly used, and a couple frequently asked questions regarding Endometriosis. Alright, let’s get started.

In order to learn about Endometriosis you must first know about the menstrual cycle, also known as a period. What exactly is a period and what occurs during it? According to womenshealth.gov
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Endometriosis is defined as a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain. This condition can be painful-sometimes even severe-especially during your period, as stated before. When the ovaries are involved it can sometimes cause cysts called endometriomas. Most …show more content…
To help with the pain of Endometriosis a physician may advise you to take an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, such as, Advil, Motrin IB, or Aleve. The different types of hormone therapy include hormonal contraceptives, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gn-RH) agonists and antagonists, progestin therapy, and Danazol. Hormonal contraceptives include birth control pills, patches, and vaginal rings. These contraceptives help control the hormones that cause the buildup of endometrial tissue. According to mayoclinic.org Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gn-RH) agonists and antagonists block the production of ovarian-stimulating hormones, lowering estrogen levels and preventing menstruation. Progestin therapy includes intrauterine devices like Mirena, or you could get contraceptive injections like Depo-Provera. Both of these options stop you from having a menstrual cycle and halt the growth of endometrial tissue. Danazol is a medication that prevents menstruation and suppresses the growth of endometrial tissue by blocking the ovarian-stimulating hormones. A hysterectomy may be required if your case of Endometriosis is severe. A full hysterectomy consists of surgery to remove the uterus, cervix, and both ovaries. If you have Endometriosis then I hope this was a helpful section in helping you decide which form of medication you would

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