Ender's Game Comparison

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Have you ever watched or read, ‘Ender’s Game’? How are the book and the movie alike? How are they different? In my opinion I like the book better and that's strange for me because I usually prefer the movie over the book. I'm not really a book person, but I would recommend this book to my closest friends. The book and the movie are quite different, so what made the book better?

How exactly are the book and the movie different? For one, his age! In the book he went to Battle School when he was six and grew up. Towards the end he was 20, but throughout the movie he was one age. He looked 13-14 years old. The book had Ender quite a few years younger than the rest and in the movie he was the same exact age. Ender was more reluctant to join and go to Battle School, but he was more hesitant in the book. He had to
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There are some things that the Movie could not change, though. For instance, Ender went on to a, “Fantasy World,” game.The, “Fantasy World,” was very important to the story line. It show how his mind worked, how he was different, and how he was very clever. It is also the very place where Ender found the Bugger Queen. Ender and Valentine in both the movie, and the book are very close. Peter is also very distant from Ender and Val. Peter’s mind works differently compared to Ender and Valentine’s mind. If some of the similarities were different then the book and the movie would be completely different stories, and who would want that?

“The way we win matters.” That clever quote was said by clever Ender, and I love it. If you haven't read ‘Ender’s Game’, then I strongly recommend it. Read the book first, because the book and the movie have plenty of differences and the movie would not make a lot of sense. Even though they have a lot of differences, they also have plenty of similarities. I hope you have the opportunity to read the incredible book and watch the different movie. It's worth

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