The Theme Of Adult Manipulation In Ender's Game

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Adults are the ones who raise us, teach us, and prepare us for the lives we will lead. There are two sides to a coin and we can see this in humans as good and bad. There is no 100% good or evil in a person, but the actions they commit can say a lot about them. It’s human nature to worry about our individual gain first before we consider the effect on others. The theme of adult manipulation of young children is the backbone of the Ender’s Game. There are multiple ways that the adults in power manipulate Ender for their personal agenda and slowly break him, and the damage and impact they leave certainly shows the reader the selfish goals of adults psychologically hurting Ender Wiggin.

The people in command emotionally controlled Ender by trying
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Colonel Graff and Mazer Rackham are two of the people who’ve lied to Ender to make him do the unthinkable. Their lying led to Ender destroying an entire race of aliens. How does a 10-year-old continue their life after killing an entire advanced civilization? The last stage of Ender’s “training” was an entire lie devised to force Ender to accomplish what Graff and the others wanted. His training included battles against the real invasion Buggers were leading against the human race. After the final battle was over, Rackham told Ender that he wiped out the Buggers completely. We knew this was the goal of the mission the entire time but Ender didn’t want it to happen like this. “I didn’t want to kill them all. I didn’t want to kill anybody! I’m not a killer! You didn’t want me, you bastards, you wanted Peter, but you made me do it, you tricked me into it!” (297-298) Unlike Peter Wiggin, Ender is not a malicious soul. Death takes a heavy toll on his emotions and the way Ender was being manipulated, he was made to do something against his beliefs. He’s the perfect balance between his siblings, but never did he once want to be like Peter, it’s everything he wanted to avoid. Graff and Rackham’s lies were used against Ender to control him and lead him to do things that hurt him for the benefit of somebody’s …show more content…
The entire concept of the battle school is adult manipulation of young children. From the start, as soon as Ender boarded the ship headed towards outer space, the situations he was put in were rigged. His entire training was rigged; the situation was manipulated along with Ender. This is one of the most notorious ways the school brought out the side of Ender they liked, they set the situation and the people in the situations against him. They always tried to push Ender’s limits by assuring the odds against him. When Ender and the other students in the fleet were first boarding the ship, Graff praised Ender first and set him apart from the others, sparking jealousy and shunning Ender from their miniature society. “There’s only one boy on this launch with any brains at all, and that’s Ender Wiggin. Take a good look at him, little boys. He’s going to be a commander when you’re still in diapers up there.” (31-32) Being friendless forced Ender to learn to be alone and live in isolation like Graff wanted. When Ender proves to be the best student the battle school has ever received, more and more people turn against him, and the commanders keep pushing him past his limit. After weeks of continuous and multiple battles Ender and the Dragon Army are forced to face, Ender beats the first one he learned from, Bonzo Madrid. Bonzo, being an infuriated teenager who’s serious about not losing, teams up with

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