Employment and Care Environment Essay

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Hannah Lovell

Bi: describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment agreement ? * Name of employee * Job title * Place of work * Date of commencement of employment * Probationary period * Salary/wages * POVA check and CRB enhanced disclosure * Proof of identification * Over time * Hours of work * Annual leave/holiday * Sickness or injury absence * Training * Notice of termination of employment to be given by the employer * Notice of termination of the employment to be given by the employee * Collective agreements * Capability/disciplinarily procedure * Grievance procedure * Suspension from duty * Health and
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the registered manager of the care service.
Bii: the role of the local council is too ensure adequate provision for health and safety is provided in that area. Councillors are also directly involved in the governance arrangements for health and safety. Also because the local council are part of the services It should therefore feature in the councils plans.

Task c career pathway

I am currently studying a diploma in health and social level 2, whilst working full time in a nursing/residential home. I feel that working in the care environment whilst studying has helped me a lot, to gain and understand the knowledge that I know now. Which is able to help me with my written coursework. It makes me a much stronger person whilst being at work as I am able to put my knowledge and skills, into practice; I feel I have developed much more as a person.

Along with working In the care environment for over a year my career path has become a lot more clear on what id like to do in further education to be able to achieve my career. After I have completed my level 2, I would like to then go on to study my level 3. To expand on my knowledge and learn new things relating to the care setting as there is always knew things to learn and experience. Whilst doing my level 3 I would like to be working at the hospital as a health care support worker, as I believe working in a different setting and environment will help me achieve what I want to do, and id be able to learn new skills and

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