Effective Coaching Essay

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Setting of goals will give employees something focused to work on and has the power to add productivity in place of work. Coaches and mentors assist workers to create goals which are realistic. They can also analyze the performance of employees and assist employees set goals to make better areas of weakness. All through the process of attaining a goal, coaches and mentors give motivation and feedback in keeping up the spirit of workers to keep on track.
Providing Feedback
Employees in some organizations complain about rarely getting feedback on their performance. Coaches and mentors assist in giving the needed feedback. When employees receive feedbacks which are positive, it reinforces behaviors which are strong in place of work and give employees
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In absence of degree of trust, there is impossibility in conducting an effective coaching meeting.
Step 2: Open the Meeting
Upon opening a coaching meeting, it is crucial for managers to make it clear in a nonevaluative, not accusatory manner, specific reason why the meeting was prepared. This step is to restate but in a friendly and nonjudgmental manner, the purpose of the meeting when it was first set after the scheduling of the appointment.
Step 3: Get Agreement
The most important part is to make an employee to accept verbally that there is a performance issue. It is mistakes of managers to overlook the performance issue because you think the employee understand its significance. For the employee to accept that there is performance issue managers should make it clear the nature of the issue and make workers know the consequences of not changing behavior. For this to be done, consequences should be clarified and behavior to be specified.
Specifying skills for behavior consists of 3 parts:
1. Specific examples of the performance issue should be cited.
2. Performance expectations in the situation should be

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