Employee Retention And The Human Resource Management Essay examples

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Employee’s retention is an overwhelming problem, which management and HR Teams must constantly address in order to be competitive with other organizations in the job market. Google has been known as a company that offers exceptional benefits yet they are facing a rapid employee turnover in the last few years due to competitive companies such as Apple and Facebook, which are in close proximity. Although Google ha thoroughly investigated employee retention issues and used many strategies listed in the Human Resource Management Book the problem is still an ongoing battle. “What else can Google do to alleviate employee turnover rate and retain committed employees?” Google’s first approach was providing all employees with a pay raise plus a tax-free holiday bonus and this did not even entice employees to stay with the company. According to Bock (2015), people stay because of “the quality of the people they work with and the feeling that the work they produce is meaningful.” Initially Google should have conducted exit interviews or questionnaires to gain valuable insight into why employees are leaving the company. This information can provide Google with a framework to address the problems immediately. Google needs to address their selection and hiring practices to ensure they are obtaining employees that fit their company needs. For example, applicants can have excellent references with experience and meet all of Goggle’s qualifications on paper, but do not have the…

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