Future Learning Trends

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The article "5 trends for the Future of Learning and development" simply mentions how companies should adapt to new technological fashion for better learning. The article was written by several influences today 's organization on the importance of utilizing technology in organizations learning and development. Thus, the five key recommendation are:
1. Going Mobile
2. Understanding Social
3. Considering Adaptive learning
4. Aligning with business objective, and
5. Measuring effectiveness
An important factor highlighted in the article is "Prioritizing the Individual". "Finding and keeping talent is no longer an HR challenge but a strategic business priority. Yet, most companies are unable to build lasting relationships with their employees in
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Going mobile: At first I did not really understand this, however, after, a few internet search I have discovered one that was close enough. According to an article written by Amit Garg titled "What is mobile learning?" he identifies two types of learning systems. First, You can still take a course offline and once you are online it will deliver your score to the center where it will then record your scores. Second, is taking a course on a USB drive which is portable and convenient. Mobile learning is many things and it would need a great deal of training especially for the older generation. I feel that as the younger generation grew into understanding how the mobile application is used, the older generation will require heaps of training in this field. I myself am not that old yet, because I am from a slow paced island there were very few access to such gadgets growing …show more content…
Understanding Social: Instagram, facebook, twitter and all other social media tools are being used despite the reason behind it. Understanding Social is a must in today 's fast paced world. You want to understand what is going on out there, google it. You want to know where American Samoa is, google it. It 's amazing how the world is connected through social media. Want to see and aunt that is 1000 miles away, use messenger. Want to check out my facebook, search my name. Advertisement, news, commercials and much more. Want to know how long the earthquake was in New Zealand? Yup, it is instantly posted somewhere on the social media, all you have to do is know how to use it.
3. Considering adaptive learning: Adaptive learning is rather similar in the field of education. When a teacher learns of a student with different learning abilities, she will not be taught the same way. I feel that adaptive learning will help in the workforce. Establishing a different way to learn while performing your duties at your own pace. Not everyone shares the same learning method. However, if given the opportunity to perform task according to the learning method and all at the while meeting company objective this too will enhance

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