Employee Motivation And Productive Behavior Essay

1052 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Employee Motivation and Productive Behavior in Job Satisfaction: The Importance of Ensuring Motivation and Productivity To Increase Job Satisfaction The world of companies today is in ensuring that their employees are as productive as possible, which happens to go hand in hand with his or her behavior and motivating factors. There is also the problem of cost when an employee is not being productive- cost in money lost, and potentially having to hire someone new to fill that position. Companies spend billions of dollars annually in the hiring and intricate training in hopes of achieving the employee to be a successful addition to the company and it’s goals. However, the best and cheapest way for these companies to save money is for them to keep the employees that they already have, in other words have low to no turn over. The way to achieve employee retention rate is by him or her to be highly satisfied with their job. This study focuses on how to achieve employee satisfaction through getting employees motivated, and then having those employees practice productive behavior. Not only is this a way for companies to reduce costs, but to ensure that the employees, and thus the company are highly productive.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology was created because of the lack of knowledge that people had on the different factors of human psychology that must be addressed that ultimately affect the company’s productivity. The change began with the industrial revolution, where…

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