Employee Handbook Essay

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Employee Information

Employee Handbook


Welcome to the Employee Handbook
We are delighted that you are working with us and hope that you will find your job both challenging and enjoyable. All employees have a contract detailing terms and conditions relating to their own particular role. This handbook has been designed to give additional important and useful information about employment with us; our expectations of you and your colleagues and the benefits we provide. It is divided into two main sections: • • Section 1 – contains contractual entitlements which form part of your contract of employment. Section 2 – contains important information on the discretionary benefits available to employees and general information about
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You should be able to see these principles demonstrated through all our policies and procedures and the way in which we treat one another. Marks & Spencer is committed to:

Good conditions of employment
People contribute to the success of the Company, and should therefore be rewarded accordingly, sharing in its progress and profitability. They should enjoy coming to work and deserve a high standard of working environment that meets their expectations. We know that it’s our people who make this Company successful. And that includes you. In recognition of this, we provide a number of benefits that cover various stages of people’s lives; from starting your career, taking time out to study or having children, right through to taking a pension. In addition, we strive to create good working conditions, as well as providing a high standard of employee support. We hope this encourages people to enjoy coming to work and make their

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